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Lost Trust-Just Friends Sequel

Candice thought she needed more when Steven left her. Single and with a child growing faster than she could keep up with, Isaac was her shining light. He was willing to wait for her. He never gave up on her, despite hearing the news of not knowing if the baby she's carrying is his. He loved her anyway and saw a future with her.

But there was still the issue of Steven having a hard time truly letting go, and he wasn't the only one. When Candice decides to tell Max she might be carrying his baby, a whirlwind of troubles roll in, causing Isaac to rethink her love for him.

Alone and fearing the worst, Candice was surprised her sister Cassandra wanted to mend the past and fix their relationship. A true blessing in her time of need, until Isaac finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some mistakes aren't easy to explain, and he is forced to keep his own secrets.

A relationship built with lies is bound to fall apart. When Isaac decides to come clean, he quickly finds out how easy it is to lose control.

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Double Life
Courtney's marriage and life as a quiet housewife was all she needed--so she thought. When her best friend, Josephine introduces her to the inhibited world of sex clubs and parties--freeing her from her traditional life--Courtney becomes addicted to her new life. Courtney knew her husband Jacob wouldn't understand, forcing her to keep their secret. Everything was manageable until Josephine reveals she has a strong attraction for her. Courtney's little world gets turned upside when she has a secret affair with Josephine and they both develop feelings for each other. Jacob walks in on Courtney and Josephine together and reveals he knew something was going on between them. Jacob joins them, easing Courtney's fears.

My Roommate's Girl-Book One


I thought my life was all figured out. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that I wasn’t the settling down type. I was known as a man-whore, but not single person dared to say it to my face. Yeah, I had everything figured out until Lance's new girlfriend Mia came into my life. She was everything I didn't know I wanted. Her innocence and beauty baffled me. From the first moment I laid eyes on her, I knew I had to have her. Was I actually considering ruining my friendship with my almost brother’s life with a girl that wasn’t even mine? God, for Mia, I was willing to do anything.



As a twenty-two-year-old virgin, I thought Lance was finally the guy for me. He was sweet, handsome, smart, and studying to be a doctor. He was the perfect package or so I thought. But when I met his roommate Jax, the greeting sparked something inside of me that I couldn’t ignore. It felt as though Jax had something Lance didn't and, it was something that I couldn't resist. Jax was everything I knew I shouldn't want, but I couldn’t deny my true feelings. How could I fight these feelings inside and stay with Lance? Was I really willing to lose everything for just one night with Jax?

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